Dear Friends,

    It is with great sadness that we need to inform you that the Dutch government has issued an official directive requiring the postponement of all events scheduled before September 1st, 2020. Therefore, Welcome to the Future 2020, won’t be able to take place on July 25th, and will be postponed to Saturday, July 24th, 2021.

    We share this announcement with a heavy heart. It is hard to imagine that we will not be dancing together this summer, celebrating life with all of you. These darker times remember us how much our music, friendships, and festival culture mean to us. More than ever, we desire to unite and experience this feeling of freedom.
    But one day we will dance again, harder than ever!

    The date for 2021 has not yet been confirmed as we’re currently exploring all possibilities for a next-level Welcome to the Future in 2021. Therefore, we kindly ask you for your patience, as it will take some time for us to confirm the date with the location for next summer. We are doing our utmost best to bring this news to you as soon as possible.

    For questions, please send us an email to support@welcometothefuture.nl.

  • What will happen to my ticket?

    For those who’ve already purchased their tickets for Welcome to the Future 2020, we can imagine that you might have many questions. This being said, please let us give you some answers that are available to us as of now.
    Your ticket for Welcome to the Future 2020 will stay valid for next years’ edition.

    All ticket owners will be given the chance to:

    1. Keep your ticket.
    Your ticket for Welcome to the Future 2020 ticket will automatically stay valid for 2021. There’s nothing else you need to do if you choose to join us again next year.

    2. Receive a voucher
    You will have the option to receive a voucher equal to the amount of your Paylogic purchasing order, which can then be used for a selection of other ID&T events. These events will be shared with you later on via email. This voucher will be valid until 31-12-2021.

    3. Monetary refund
    You can apply for a monetary refund, which will be processed ultimately a month after next years’ event.*
    *This is in line with the new regulation reached by various trade organizations in the cultural sector, the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Dutch Authority for Consumers & Markets. For more information about this regulation, please see: saveyourticket.nl.

    We understand that you might have questions about this process. Please visit our support website for more information, or send us an email to support@welcometothefuture.nl. Our service team will be happy to answer all your questions!

    Because this situation is beyond our control we sincerely hope for your understanding. You would tremendously support us by choosing option 1 or 2 of the above. This would give us a sustainable basis to further work on an unforgettable festival next summer. Thank you for your trust and support.

  • Welcome to the Future 2 0 2 1

    We’re happy to inform you that the date for next year has been confirmed: On Saturday, July 24th 2021 we will return to our beloved festival grounds to celebrate our 15th festival anniversary!

    Welcome to the Future 2021
    July, 24th, 2021
    Het Twiske, near Amsterdam


  • Ticket sales

    Ticket sales for Welcome to the Future 2020 have stopped.

  • Ticket prices

    Ticket sales for Welcome to the Future 2020 have stopped!

    Early Bird ticket: €45,- + €4,95 service fee[SOLD OUT]
    Regular ticket: €55,- + €4,95 service fee

    You can get your Early Bird Tickets in our online ticketshop

  • Where to buy

    You can get your Tickets via our official online ticketshop from January 21st, 12h.

    Please be careful when purchasing tickets from any other source than our official online ticket shop as we can’t guarantee the validity of these tickets.

  • Payment methods

    You can pay for your tickets using the following methods.

    Bankcontact/Mr. Cash, iDeal, Maestro, MasterCard, Paypal, Sofortuberweising, VISA

  • Ticket personalisation

    All our guests are asked to personalise their tickets before entering the festival. An email from Paylogic has been sent to the ticket buyers with the personalisation-link as well as instructions on how you can personalise your ticket.

    Thank you very much for your cooperation!

    All steps are also explained in our personalisation FAQ.


  • DATE

    Welcome to the Future 2020 will take place on Saturday, July 25th from 13:00 until 24:00.

  • Opening Times

    Saturday, July 25th

    Doors open: 13:00
    Doors close: 22:00
    End festival: 24:00

  • Location

    Welcome to the Future 2020 will take place on the green hills of Het Twiske. We’re proud to call this beautiful foresty area near Amsterdam, filled with secret chill-out spots and plenty of space to dance, our home since 14 years!

  • Line up

    Several House- and Techno-inspired stages are scattered around the green hills and forests of our festival paradise. You can check out our full line up here!

  • Food and drinks

    We have a wide range of food types available, including the classic snack menu, burgers, pizza, salads, soups, waffles, sandwiches, fruit, smoothies, gluten free, low carb, vegan, or lactose-free and a lot more!

  • Funktion One

    We all love good sound quality, that’s why all of the stages are fully equipped with state of the art Funktion-One systems.

  • Age

    Welcome to the Future is a festival for adults (18+). Make sure to bring your ID.

  • Lockers

    Lockers are available from January 21st, 12h. Every locker fits up to three coats, you can find them right near the entrance.

    Locker codes can be purchased in our online ticketshop, or at the lockerdesk itself.

  • Free tap water

    You can get free tap water at the multiple water bars on the festival area, which are located near each toilet group. You can also buy refillable water bags at these water bars.


    Dutch law strictly forbids smoking in festival tents. Thank you for not smoking in all tents and other ‘no-smoking’ signed areas.


    We’re taking measures to make the terrain and all stages accessible to wheelchairs. Our personnel will be there to assist you if help is needed. Still, please be aware that Het Twiske is hilly terrain with partly sandy ground.

  • Payment method

    At Welcome to the Future, you pay for your food and drinks with tokens (plastic coins). These tokens are available at the clearly signed cashier units located at the festival. You can purchase them using cash, your debit card (Maestro) or credit card (Visa, Master Card).


    Would you like to experience Welcome to the Future behind the scenes and participate as a volunteer during the building period or during the event? Send us an email to volunteer@welcometothefuture.nl and tell us what days you would like to join!


  • Never Give Up On Your Cup

    Never give up on your cup! This summer, we’re innovating waste management on our festival terrain! Together with our friends from Coca-Cola, Heineken and Beelen Event Services, we’re introducing a new system enabling us to improve our waste separation. Brand new recycle bins, pro-active education of our crew and guests as well new recycling technologies will enable us to recycle 50% of all our plastic in order to create new plastic cups from the old ones.

    Want to participate? Register now for our Green Team via: volunteer@welcometothefuture.nl

  • Water program

    Our delicious Dutch tap water belongs to all of us and therefore we are very happy to offer it to all of our Wanderers, for free. At Welcome to the Future, you will find the water bars everywhere and you can fill your cup or bottle up for free.

    Our water is not only very tasty but this way we also save a lot of plastic. Cheers!

  • 10.000 hours

    Together with the non-profit organization of 10,000 HOURS, we invite our visitors to the annual Welcome to the Future volunteer days. Since 2010, more than 30,000 hours of voluntary work have been donated and that total continues to grow. Together with other festivals, DJ’s and volunteers, the foundation supports different voluntary projects aimed at the most vulnerable people in our society. For more information, visit www.10000HOURS.nl.

    By joining forces and working with the Foundation 10,000 HOURS, we want to encourage dance lovers to do more volunteer work within our community.

    Because together we can make a difference!

  • Our food line up

    Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free? No problem, we have it all! We’re serving a wide range of delicious meals and snacks, from burgers, wraps, salads, pizzas, sandwiches and crêpes to Indonesian, Mexican and Vietnamese cuisine.

    All cooked for you with love, right on the spot!

  • Come by bike

    One-third of our visitors come to the festival by bike, emission-free!

  • Leave no trace

    We feel honoured to have the opportunity to return to the lush and green surroundings of Het Twiske year after year. This is why we leave no trace on our festival grounds, meaning that we collect every single cup and cigarette bud after the festival, leaving the terrain almost untouched!

  • Green teams

    Every year, our hard-working volunteers in green make sure that our festival grounds remain perfectly clean, in the true spirit of our leave-no-trace policy. Would you like to participate as a Green Team volunteer? Please send an e-mail to volunteer@welcometothefuture.nl


  • What you can’t bring

    Your safety is extremely important to us. Therefore, everything and everyone is searched at the entrance (including luggage). You’re not allowed to bring weapons, sharp or hard objects, glass and fluids. Bringing your own food and drinks is not allowed. Pay attention! In some cases, access to the site of the festival may be denied. When in doubt, contact us via info@welcometothefuture.nl.

  • Breast Pump station

    Recently gave birth and need a place to pump? We’ve got moms covered. Bring your breast pump to the First aid stand for a quiet place to pump.

  • Celebrate Safe

    Celebrate Safe (located opposite the Main stage) provides you with everything you need to know about responsible partying. Head over to their stand if you’re looking for advice by knowledgeable experts.

    Think for yourself, care about others!

  • First Aid

    There’s a First Aid post with on the festival terrain, please check the floorplan for the exact location.

    Not feeling well? Don’t hesitate to contact one of our security guards; he or she will guide you to the First Aid. You can also visit the First Aid team for a simple bandage or aspirin, or if you need to take a little rest.

  • Zero tolerance

    All festivals in the Netherlands operate under a Zero tolerance policy. This means that no soft- and hard drugs are allowed.


    Bringing your medication is only permitted upon presenting an official doctor’s note.


    Dutch law strictly forbids smoking in festival tents. Thank you for not smoking in all tents and other ‘no-smoking’ signed areas.


  • Bike

    Jump on your bike and come to Welcome to the Future 100% emission-free, by bike! It’s just a 25 minutes ride from Central Station.

    Take the ferry ‘Buiksloterweg’ right behind Amsterdam Central Station. Once across the water, just follow the signs! Additional ferries will be scheduled for July 25th. The bicycle route from Amsterdam Central Station is signed and there’s a giant bicycle parking near the festival entrance.

    Please keep our dear neighbours in mind and don’t make too much noise when cycling back to Amsterdam after the event.

  • Public transport – Amsterdam Sloterdijk

    You can buy your shuttle bus return ticket for € 8,- in our online ticketshop until July 19th, or at the bus stop on July 25th.

    On July 25th, shuttle buses operate between Amsterdam Sloterdijk train station and Welcome to the Future all day long. The first buses depart at 11:30. After the end of the festival, buses will continue driving to Amsterdam Sloterdijk until the last visitor has left the terrain.

    The route in Het Twiske will, therefore, be mostly free of other festival traffic, and buses will always be given priority over cars.

    For your return trip back to Sloterdijk, keep in mind that there might be a minimum waiting time of 30 minutes at the bus stop.

  • Car

    Parking tickets are available in the online ticket shop (until July 19th) at: https://tickets.welcometothefuture.nl/ or at the parking lot on the day of the event.

    Once in the surrounding of the festival terrain, please always follow the dedicated festival signing and instructions of our ground staff. Depending on the traffic situation, our logistics staff and LED signs will always guide you through the fastest route. In some cases, this might feel like a small detour, but don’t worry, the alternative route will optimize your travel time. All parking lots are located in Het Twiske (no external parking).

    We advise you to arrive early (before 14:00) if you want to reduce waiting times during arrival. Like with all large events, please take waiting times of minimum of 1 hour into consideration when leaving the festival after 00:00.

  • Touringcar

    Joining us from another city and looking for a comfortable way to get to Het Twiske? Get yourself a spot on a touring car!

    We work together with several organisations that offer bus services with pick-up locations throughout the Netherlands. Head over to www.eventtravel.nl or www.partybussen.nl to find a pick up point near your home.

  • Uber

    The Uber pick-up point is located outside of Het Twiske. Please keep in mind that waiting times increase after the end of the festival. When leaving the festival, follow the ‘Uber’ signs to find your driver quickly at the special Uber pick-up point. The Uber app will guide you towards this pick-up point as well.

  • Taxi

    The taxi pick-up point is located outside of Het Twiske, at a different location than the Uber pick-up point. We discourage you to take a taxi, as waiting times and prices are unpredictable. In previous years we’ve learned that our capacity for taxi’s is insufficient, therefore, we advise you to use other means of transportation like our shuttle bus service.

  • Kiss & Ride

    The Kiss & Ride pick-up point is located outside of Het Twiske. Please keep in mind that it’s a 25-minute walk to the festival terrain.