A-Z per stage


A-Z per stage

Boris Werner

Dutch DJ Boris Werner’s love for House music runs deep, so deep, that his passion is evident in every set he plays. He’s a charismatic leading figure in the scene who is forever young at heart. Blending all strains of House from percussive funk to bass-heavy grooves, delivered with effortless ease. His sparkling personality, daring diversity, and a well-honed ear for delivering a memorable party can be best experienced at our Main Stage.


From global success in the commercial domain to equal accomplishments within the underground scene, Dubfire – aka Ali Shirazinia – is an artist whose drive, talent and intuition have placed him in the top tier of electronic music artists in the world. Whether it’s his involvement with Deep Dish, running his label SCI+TEC, or simply his unending exploration of audio and visual technology… Dubfire is in a class of his own, and will gladly showcase his Techno greatness on July 21st!

Ilario Alicante

Ilario’s rise has been nothing short of meteoric. Born in 1988 in Livorno, Italy, Ilario’s journey began with his regional DJ community and has since then reached across Europe, North and South America, leading him to the most significant achievement of his budding career: joining the ranks of Sven Väth’s Cocoon agency. Ilario’s always maintained a vital link with the dancefloor which can not only be felt but heard in all his sets.

Joris Voorn

There aren’t many names in Techno who have influenced the scene more than Joris Voorn. Situated at the epicentre of the Dutch electronic music scene, the Spectrum king-pin is considered as the most renowned and recognizable artist from Holland, representing the underground on a global scale. An esteemed composer of deep, soulful House and Techno, Joris has risen from Amsterdam’s thriving circuit, working his way up to a position amongst the top DJs in the world. We can’t wait to welcome him back once again!


It can be the similarities between two people that draw them together, but it’s the differences between them that create something special, such as the unique duo of Pan-Pot. Tassilo Ippenberger and Thomas Benedix – aka Pan-Pot – are a brilliant multi-dimensional Berlin duo currently twisting House and Techno fans into rapturous fits. They’ve developed a dominate presence amongst the top tier of electronic music, with an ascension paralleling the rise of their native label, Mobilee records. Come witness this power-Techno duo dominate our Main stage.

Prunk & Chris Stussy

Though not an official duo, Prunk and Chris Stussy are renowned for their eccentric energy together behind the decks. Whether they are playing House, Disco, or Techno, this mighty DJ-duo continues to captivate dancefloors with their hypnotizing rhythms from their native Netherlands and beyond. Prepare to lose yourself in the moment when these mighty DJ forces step behind the deck.

Charlotte de Witte

From the biggest stages to the sweatiest basement raves; if there’s one DJ about to take the world by storm, it’s Charlotte de Witte. Belgium born and raised, Charlotte never shies away from a challenge, always driving her career and music the way she envisions it. You can catch Charlotte scorching through a myriad of uncompromising, aggressive Techno sets that can be discovered from Europe, to North America. We’re looking forward to welcome her for the first time to Welcome to the Future.

Chris Liebing

Chris Liebing has been part of the Welcome to the Future family since the first edition of the festival in 2007. The CLR mastermind is the manifestation of relentless, solid techno on the darker end of the electronic musical spectrum. Liebing’s sets are embodiments of sonic journeys that take you between darkness and light, so get ready to be whisked into another dimension full of energy once he steps behind the decks at our Techno stage.

Dax J

Dax J is a London born, Berlin-based artist, known as a powerful DJ, producer, and label boss. His trademark sound boils down to energizing basslines synchronized with an ominous overlay. This forward-thinking artist is at the helm of cutting edge music, constantly striving to push the boundaries of audio manipulation into new, unexplored realms. Let Dax J’s infectious soundscapes reach another dimension beneath our cavernous Techno tent.

Joran van Pol

It’s a combination of being both a talented producer and DJ that makes Joran van Pol part of a rare breed of artists. Joran plays a critical role in the Techno community not only as a DJ and Producer, but also label-boss of his FADE imprint. As a family member of Welcome to the Future, his passion and ability to seamlessly blend Techno and Minimal together will unleash pure madness in our massive Techno tent once again.

Keith Carnal

Amsterdam-based Keith Carnal is seen as somewhat of a tastemaker in today’s world of Techno. His signature style of Techno is made up of ominous melodies, strong percussions, and melancholic groove. Keith is known to really flourish behind the decks, taking his audience on an transformational journey into the depths of his own mind. Expect the unexpected, because anything can happen once Keith steps on stage!

Robin Kampschoer (live)

Robin Kampschoer is well-known for combining analogue synths and drum machines from former times, with the digital tools from today. The music he delivers with his live sets gets under your skin, as he has a gritty vibe, both indoctrinating and thrilling. Laced with infatuating melodies, thick basslines, and ethereal percussions, this is one artist you don’t want to skip!


ROD is the Techno minded alter ego of Rotterdam’s most notorious player Benny Rodrigues.

Last year, Benny reached a new level of international fame thanks to a string of great releases on the renowned Klockworks label. ROD showcases all shapes and forms techno has to offer. His versatility and genre-defining vibrations will make the walls of our Techno area crumble to its core once more.


Since day one, Jesse van der Heijden and Oguzhan Guney, better known as ANOTR, have been called “a breath of fresh air” and “producers to watch”, due to their fresh and innovative approach of music. Considered the House-meets-Tech-House revelations of their time, the Amsterdam-based duo continues to captivate dancefloors worldwide with their distinctive sound and inimitable on-stage energy. ANOTR is taking the world by storm, so prepare for a tech-whirlwind once they enter our House stage.

Green Velvet

Change has been a constant theme throughout the successful career of Green Velvet, the alter-ego of Cajmere. But as he has crossed genres, explored themes from the comedic to the serious and changed monikers, the common thread running through his music is its roots in and dedication to the Chicago House sound. Get ready for this eccentric entity to light up the dance floor with the charismatic energy of his House vibe.

Honey Dijon

Honey Dijon was born and raised in Chicago – the home of House music – which has had a major impact on her signature style and sound. Dijon’s strong programming, passion, and integrity are key elements that can be heard in all of her DJ sets. She has crafted the art of mixing through her deft turntable skills and the way she dexterously flows between house and techno with a warm, hypnotic feel. Let Honey Dijon guide you on a unique journey that will bring you into eternal bliss at our House stage.

Hot Since 82

Knee Deep in Sound and Labyrinth manager Hot Since 82 has been crowned a connoisseur amongst the House world. The Yorkshire-based DJ and producer’s career has been nothing short of incredible, with his signature bass-heavy yet melodic take of the genre on the deeper end of the electronic music spectrum. Hot Since 82 produces an imitable, organic sound that will take you on a euphoric journey during his performance at our House stage.

Luuk van Dijk

Some might call this rising Amsterdam-based House and Tech-House artist an ‘old soul’. Luuk van Dijk’s sets are merely Puur, just like the club nights he hosts in his hometown of Hilversum. His sets are brimming with energy that is both old school and contemporary at the same time, and his unique sound will both tantalize and entertain you at our House stage.

Patrick Topping

In a short span of time, Patrick Topping has risen into the top tier of electronic music icons. Emerging as one of the new waves of underground music producers coming from the north of England, he has been dubbed a pioneering force for a generation of upcoming artists. Patrick Topping is renowned for his ability to craft infectious, dancefloor-ready rhythms, that first saw him championed by Hot Creations label boss Jamie Jones. Prepare your dancing feet for a set that Topping won’t soon let you forget.


France’s Techno scene is a thriving force of the underground spectrum, led by Agoria. Sébastien Devaud, aka Agoria, entered the world of electronic dance music at a peculiar moment in time. Unlike the first generation of Techno producers, he’s too young to have been actively listening to Electronic Pop from early eighties influencers such as Depeche Mode or New Order. But, unlike younger artists, he’s been exposed to House and Techno more or less since the beginning of these ever-growing genres. Expect true magic to take effect when Agoria steps into our Circus.


Acclaimed for their unique sound – party proven and of reduced nature – andhim’s style can be classified as organic with an emphasis in the finer detail. When witnessing their live performances in the flesh, you can really feel the commitment and passion of this dynamic duo. Energetic, creative, and always entertaining, andhim’s interpretation of Electronic music, or as they like to call it “Super House”, will make you dance from start to finish.

Andrea Oliva & wAFF

Considered a tastemaker of his time, Andrea Oliva’s dedication to the underground is what has garnered him widespread support including landing his residency with Ants – Ushuaia’s premiere underground party in Ibiza. wAFF, on the other hand, has become one of the most engaging artists on the international circuit as part of the Hot Creations & Paradise family. Individually, their energy is contagious, and side by side in our Circus their powerful frequencies will transfix the crowd like you’ve never seen before.

Gaiser (live)

With his inimitable sound, Gaiser has created a shift in the direction of underground electronic music, starting a movement of atmospheric bass-line driven Techno that is unique and unmistakable. During his sets, each track lives in its own unique world, and create a dynamic storyline from start to finish when combined. From dark grooves to choppy House, warm atmospheres to curious sci-fi landscapes, it will be another complete experience within the confines of our Circus, where Gaiser will prove he is unafraid of experimentation, pushing boundaries, and searching out new paths.


Mesmerizing crowds for over twenty years now, bridging the distances that have been created between DJ booth and dancefloor, Karotte has simply stayed true to what a DJ was meant to be years ago. Showcasing a more than unique talent to pick the best House records of the moment, at our Circus, Karotte will combine the best of both worlds; enjoying the party as well as creating the soundtrack for it.

Raw District (live)

Raw District is the burgeoning House concept from Belgian duo Vernon Bara and Massimo DaCosta. Early in 2013, they decided to start the new side project as ‘Raw District’ in order to focus on the deeper and darker side of House music. In their own words, “Raw District tracks feature fewer samples and more organic influence; the trademark Soul, Funk and Disco influences are still evident, mixed up with the fresh European sounds coming straight out of Berlin”. Be warned: things are set to get out of hand once RAW District has entered our Circus.

Wesley Roberts

Wesley Roberts was born in Amsterdam in 1988 when House music started growing in the Netherlands. He’s been behind the decks since 2008, and after playing Dutch House for a few years, he found his place at Studio80 in 2012 where he fell in love with the underground. Come experience his infectious energy behind the decks whilst his irresistible House rhythms keep you dancing from start to finish at our Circus.

2000 and One b2b Shinedoe

Vision and versatility – the DNA that defines 2000 and One – aka Dylan Hermelijn – as an artist. His pioneering vision across more than two decades of music genres, now ranks him as one of the most versatile, in-demand international artists. Shinedoe has graced some of the world’s most significant DJ booths – from her countless performances in Berlin’s Berghain to underground festivals and clubs all over the world. In sync, these two artists will radiate behind the decks at our Amsterdam stage. It’s the first time the duo performs back to back on the festival since their awesome set on the Main stage of Welcome to the Future 2010 – surely one of the higlights in our history.

Daan Groeneveld

Amsterdam-native Daan Groeneveld is an underground House DJ inspired by the raw and obscure sounds of electronic music. Those filthy hi-hats, crunchy kicks and nasty snares, preferably out of a Roland drum machine, always managed to bedazzle him. Nowadays, his sound can be characterized as a playful and constructive blend of original House music from Chicago, Detroit and New York and related genres. He has always been keen on getting the crowd to dance like crazy to music they don’t know, an ideal he still pursues which is what makes Daan a firm fixture at our Amsterdam stage.

De Sluwe Vos

De Sluwe Vos – the alter-ego of Robert Vosmeijer – has made a remarkable impact on the Dutch house and techno scene these past few years and especially at Welcome to the Future, where he always delivers.

This highly gifted tech-head from Deventer plays entirely on home built gear, ranging from his bulky mixer to his antiquated synthesizer and rare analogue equipment. Prepare to takes notes from a true master class in House when De Sluwe Vos steps onto our Amsterdam stage.

Dorine Dorado

DJ Dorine Dorado has been resident of Welcome to the Future since 2004. This fabulous leftfield DJ is one of the best kept secrets of the Amsterdam underground. She was one of the brightest DJ stars in Amsterdam club Studio 80, while representing the deep underground at every edition of the festival since 2007. Dorine’s favourite timeslot is the early hours: warming up Welcome to the Future to set the tone for everything that will follow. We can’t wait to welcome her back to the Amsterdam stage once again.

Patrice Bäumel is an internationally celebrated DJ and producer based in Amsterdam. Patrice infuses his sets with lots of energy and a sense of adventure, creating a sound that captivates the mind, body, and soul; what he calls “Techno music for grown-ups”. Renowned for blurring the lines between Deep and Techno, Patrice Bäumel will take you on an unprecedented journey at our Amsterdam stage.


There is a fifth dimension beyond those that are known to man, it is a realm as vast as space and timeless as infinity, a place that can only be reached through the sounds of Spaceandtime. (DJ’s Eric de Man and Aron Friedman) This mighty duo is known for playing cosmic House, drenched in stardust which has been ripened throughout the ages of infinity. So, when these celestial inhabitants grace our Amsterdam stage, prepare to be descended into their intergalactic Techno galaxy.

Steve Rachmad B2B Bart Skils

After more than a 25 years in the industry, it’s not an exaggeration to say that Steve Rachmad has played an integral part in the evolution of the scene in his native Netherlands. Always one step ahead of the game, Bart Skils has established himself as one of Holland’s most respected and highly demanded Techno DJs.Their long-lasting experience as a DJ and his ability to move effortlessly from deep hypnotizing grooves to rolling peak time Techno guarantee Rachmad and Skils to be a sure-fire crowd mover at our Amsterdam stage!

Abstract Division

With over 25 years of collective experience under their belt, Paul Boex and Dave Miller, better known as Abstract Division, will bring their established Techno sound and raw warehouse vibes to our Basement. Combining their love and keen ear for Techno, Abstract Division likes to surprise their crowd. What makes them so unique is that they never agree upfront what shape their performance will take: they each prepare their own tracklist for their sets without consulting each other. They merge and adjust to each other’s sound live during their performance, which makes every set of them unrepeatable.

Chicago Loop

The name Chicago Loop has been firmly stamped throughout the Techno world within a short span of time. The man behind this relatively new alias, however, Ant Wilson, is certainly not new to the scene. Praised by some of the scene’s biggest players, he’s always in his studio, continually writing new music with many high-profile releases on the horizon. Chicago Loop is certainly making some big waves in the Techno scene right now and will prove himself within the darkest depths of our Basement.

I Hate Models

Pushed in front of the scene late in 2016 with his Warehouse Memories EP released on ARTS, I Hate Models has known an eye-popping ascent. He’s as eclectic in his productions as in his DJ sets, and navigates between rave music, industrial sounds, or EBM productions. With an artistic line based on the expression of melancholia and intense emotions, I Hate Models’ devious signature infuses love and hate, darkness and light, which will never be more apparent than during his performance in our Basement.

Mirella Kroes

Hailing from the north of Holland, Mirella Kroes is known to explore the trippier, darker side of Techno. Her bespoke sets echo a longing for the mysterious, where space is the key to her meticulous crafted organic builds. In our Basement, close your eyes and lose yourself in Mirella’s infusion of techno soundscapes which will take you on a transcendental journey into the deepest realms of your own mind.


Ana Kublashvili is a classically trained musician from Tbilisi, on the forefront of the rapidly emerging Georgian electronic music scene. As Newa, she has steadily secured her place as a household name in the capital’s main clubs such as Bassiani, Khidi & Mtkvarze, where she regularly showcases her versatile, and much praised DJ sets. Now a firm fixture within the Klockworks family, Newa will make the walls of our Basement tremble with her dark, emotion packed vibrations.

Since the late 90s, Ø [Phase] – aka Ashley Burchett – has played a major role in the UK techno scene. The London-based producer whose style ranges from gritty minimal techno to Detroit influenced material is best known by his work on Token Records. Spellbinding rhythms, acid-induced melodies, and disorientating percussions; Burchett knows how to craft dance floor techno which is both captivating and hypnotic.

Ryan James Ford

Whilst growing up in his hometown of Calgary, Canada, Ryan James Ford was introduced to electronic music through the local rave and club culture. Fast forward almost two decades later to Berlin, where Ryan and his releases found a home in Marcel Dettmann Records. His sets and productions are rich with inspiration from his early days with influences of Hip-Hop, Reggae, Punk, Experimental, and even Metal. We can’t wait to welcome Ryan James Ford for his Basement debut.


Although this is his debut at Welcome to the Future, Tahko has already made a huge impression on the upper and underground Techno scene. His endless enthusiasm, technical skills, and passion for the music shine in all his sets and productions. He has residencies at Tram10 and AFTR (BE) and has played alongside Recondite, Industrialyzer, Marco Bailey, Egbert Live, Secret Cinema, Cari Lekebusch, Gaiser, Pan-pot, and many more alike. We can’t wait to welcome him to our Basement.


Baltra’s work breeds other worldly sounds, creating something  evocative and unique through both his DJing and productions. The NYC-based producer has been known to allow “his inner-self to speak through his sound”, creating a delicate, highly emotive brand of lo-fi haziness. Over the past year, Baltra has accelerated himself to the forefront of the scene and will join us for the first time this year at Welcome to the Future. Make sure to plan a trip to our Forest and experience his raw edginess of NYC mixed with House beats.

DJ Windows XP

The melodic genre Lo-fi house is a relatively new style, that made its debut at last years festival with DJ-sets from Ross From Friends and DJ Seinfeld. For this edition, we have another upcoming lo-fi star, this time from Amsterdam: DJ Windows XP. His beautiful ‘I cried last night’ was one of the big lo-fi hits of last year.

We’re looking forward to seeing him perform on the Forest stage of Welcome to the Future 2018.

Ici Sans Merci

Ici Sans Merci, one of our favourite artists of 2018, is a DJ who always delivers. Wherever he plays – at Thuishaven (where he’s a resident) or club The Shelter – his infectuous grooves surely will make you move.
Starting out in 2006 out of love for music and the need to share this passion with the world, he earned his stripes in the underground scene and illegal raves in Amsterdam and throughout the Netherlands. Merging deep, minimal, and extra-terrestrial sounds in all his sets with an Acid and Techno edge, Ici Sans Merci’s grooves will lift you high above the peaks of our Forest.

Man With No Shadow

Man With No Shadow – a shady name for a respectable artist. Throwing legendary raves and rocking dance floors around the globe for the past decade, he has earned his stripes as an icon of Dutch club culture. An entire generation of underground clubbers has been inspired by these raves in old warehouses, on boats and in deserted factories. His persuasiveness behind the decks has made him a favourite with the Dutch crowds, and in our Forest, he will cast all shades of his blend of silk-mixed House and Techno.

MFD (live)

Julien Chaptal & David Labeij return to grace the grounds of Het Twiske once more to deliver their groovy, irresistible swinging house soundscapes, this time under their MFD alias.

Both DJ’s have performed as live-act several times at the festival, with Le Clic, later with Amsterdam 661 and now with MFD again.

MFD (Music For Dancefloors) is also the name of their own label, on which they regularly release true gems – like last years cooperation with San Proper. But in our Forest, MFD has only one goal: to take you on a brilliant journey through the deepest depths of house heaven.


Rebelle’s contagious sound mixes flavours from Chicago House to Techno. She’s the curator of ‘Lawless’ – deep underground events in Amsterdam – bringing raw, compact and back to basics sounds that are guided by the flow of music and creativity. Within the surroundings of our Forest, you can witness Rebelle in her purest form: old school sounds, complete freedom, with a lot of creativity.

Some Chemistry b2b Applescal

Some Chemistry is a new age nomad with music as his first home. After being introduced to Amsterdam’s dynamic underground scene at a young age, Some Chemistry developed a peculiar taste for minimal House and Techno. His good friend Applescal shares the same vision. Their styles span from melodramatic melodies to Indie House. For these two, it’s all about feeling the music. Together in the booth, these friends will take you on a deep experimental journey in our Forest.